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The Blep Club

Pet Perfume | Greenwood

Pet Perfume | Greenwood

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This pet perfume will keep your paw friends smelling good at all times with just a few sprays. Smell, look and work just like a human perfume, how paw-some is that! 

Greenwood is a sophisticated comforting scent developed by the fragrance enthusiasts in The Blep Club. Inspired by the tranquility of the woods, we've composed this signature scent with Marjoram, Frankincense, Lavender and Cedarwood that leaves on a calming scent that soothes your paw friends and appeals to human senses.   

All Natural | Alcohol Free | Vegan Friendly | Cruelty Free

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Organic Glycerin, Natural Solubilizer, Essential Oil Fragrance, Colorant(Food Grade), Natural Preservative  

Pet perfume user guide: Just like human perfume, spray the perfume about 5 inches away from your paw friend and spread the scent.


Inspired by human perfume scents, safe for dogs over 3 months old and not pregnant. 

🐶Made for dogs only

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