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Mini Chunks | Rosemary Duck
Mini Chunks | Rosemary Duck
Mini Chunks | Rosemary Duck
Mini Chunks | Rosemary Duck

Mini Chunks | Rosemary Duck

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A nutritious treat, crafted in mini size for multiple feeding each time. Infused with fragrant rosemary herb and coconut oil for an enhanced taste and beneficial treat. Your dogs will be wagging tail for more each time! 

Treats Highlight:
❤️100% freeze-dried
❤️Novel protein: Singapore Duck Breast
❤️Rosemary: antimicrobial, antioxidant & aids digestion
❤️Coconut oil: Anti-itch and promotes shiny coat

❤️Supports immune system
❤️Anti-fungal properties
❤️Free of preservative, artificial flavouring and colouring
❤️Handmade in Singapore
❤️Human grade ingredients only

🐱🐶Crafted for cats & dogs of all ages

Each bag comes with 10 mini packets for convenient feeding on-the-go. Approx. 50g.

Ingredients: Singapore Duck Breast, Rosemary, Coconut Oil

Why choose us and freeze-dried treats?
We strive to provide the best❤️ Freeze-dried treats are known to be healthier, tastier and preserve much more nutrients than other types of treats such as dehydrated treats. The treats are crafted through a process that freezes food, removing 99% of the moisture and locking in almost all nutrients.

With our love for gourmet treats, our club's chef presents to you, your dogs🐶 & cats🐱 an array of nutritious dessert, meat, seafood & vegan range. Enjoy some chef's kiss treats today!

Storage guide:
Store your treats away from sunlight, in a cool and dry environment. Each treat has an expiration date indicated on the packet. 

 Please note that our treats range are only available for Singapore shipment.