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MAGICAL Balm | Multi-purpose

MAGICAL Balm | Multi-purpose

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Our Magical Balm is a must-have wellness item for your dogs. It's a multi-purpose solution that heals, moisturize and relieve itch.

Our Promise & Product Benefits:
❤️100% organic & natural 
❤️Restorative first aid salve
❤️Treat minor cuts, abrasions and wounds
❤️Relieve itch
❤️Moisturize dry or chapped skin
❤️Soothe aches and stiffness
❤️Relieves pain, leaving dogs relaxed
❤️Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties
❤️Made from food-grade ingredients, safe to lick (For external use only)
❤️Super gentle
❤️Made with certified organic oils
❤️Paraben-free, synthetic-free, sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free, chemical-free
❤️Trusted by professional groomers
🐶Made for dogs

Here's how to use: Apply gently and massage on to affected area. Apply multiple times daily or as needed. Try to keep effected area as dry as possible.


Ingredients: USDA Certified organic shea butter, USDA Certified organic calendula extract, USDA Certified organic neem oil, USDA Certified organic tea tree oil, USDA Certified organic thyme oil

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