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For Furry Friends Ear Cleaner

For Furry Friends Ear Cleaner

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š…šØš« š…š®š«š«š² š…š«š¢šžš§š'š¬ Ear Cleaner is 100% safe for pets with sensitive skin. Great for cleaning and soothing red, inflamed ears.

  • Eliminates šŸ—šŸ—.šŸ—% šØšŸ š›šššœš­šžš«š¢šš, š šžš«š¦š¬ ššš§š šÆš¢š«š®š¬šžš¬
  • Removes ear wax, debris and foul odour
  • Chemical-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and oil-free
  • Gentle on their ears

š†š«šžššš­ šŸšØš« ššš„š„ š©šžš­š¬ ššš§š š«šžšœšØš¦š¦šžš§ššžš šŸšØš« š­š”šØš¬šž š°š¢š­š” šœš”šžš¦š¢šœššš„ ššš§š ššš„šœšØš”šØš„ ššš„š„šžš«š š¢šžš¬.

š‘Ŗš’‰š’š’š’”š’† š’š’‚š’•š’–š’“š’‚š’ š’Šš’š’ˆš’“š’†š’…š’Šš’†š’š’•š’” š’š’—š’†š’“ š’„š’‰š’†š’Žš’Šš’„š’‚š’-š’ƒš’‚š’”š’†š’… š’‘š’“š’š’…š’–š’„š’•š’” š’‡š’š’“ š’šš’š’–š’“ š’‘š’†š’•, š’‡š’‚š’Žš’Šš’š’š š’‚š’š’… š’†š’š’—š’Šš’“š’š’š’Žš’†š’š’•!

šˆš§š š«šžšš¢šžš§š­: Electrolyzed Water

š•šØš„š®š¦šž: 60ml

š’š­šØš«ššš šž: Keep out of direct sunlight
Best before 24 months after opening, Expiry 3 years from MFG Date.

š‡šØš° š­šØ š®š¬šž:

- Drip into the ear
- Massage the base of the ear to break up wax buildup in the ear canal
- Allow the pet to shake out excess water and dirt
- Use a cotton pad or wool to clean the outer ear gently

*Repeat steps if required

š‘°š’• š’Šš’” š’“š’†š’„š’š’Žš’Žš’†š’š’…š’†š’… š’•š’ š’ƒš’š’š’˜ š’…š’“š’š š’‚š’‡š’•š’†š’“ š’•š’‰š’† š’†š’‚š’“š’” š’‚š’“š’† š’„š’š’Žš’‘š’š’†š’•š’†š’š’š š’„š’š’†š’‚š’

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