Honey Sesame Salmon Jerky Recipe

Honey Sesame Salmon Jerky Recipe

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⁣⁣⁣We know the importance of food for our furkids' overall health, fur coat and skin. Hence, we’ve started this! Be sure to follow our instagram (@theblepclub) to be notified when we put up a recipe.

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⁣Back to our recipe! Besides supporting the immune system, this Honey Sesame Salmon Jerky recipe is an omega-3 powerhouse that helps to decrease inflammation, keeps your dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy. ⁣Your dog will be feeling healthy and looking great! ⁣⁣
Here's the recipe and ingredients required:


Your furkids will sure to love them. Our CEO, Kiwi, can't wait to eat! 

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Thank you for this delicious recipe! I’ll try it soon :)


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