Easy Oven-Dried Berries Recipe

Easy Oven-Dried Berries Recipe

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We know the importance of food for our furkids' overall health, fur coat and skin. Hence, we’ve started this! Be sure to follow our instagram (@theblepclub) to be notified when we put up a recipe.

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⁣Back to our recipe! Here’s our next recipe, Oven-Dried Berries recipe. This is a super easy, nutritious snack and the best part, it can be kept for long without preservatives.

Fun fact about berries: Do you know the only 3 berries your doggy furkids can eat are blackberries, strawberries and blueberries? These berries are also a ‘superfood’, loaded with antioxidant and nutrients that supports their immune system. Best of all, the vitamin A in blueberries may also improve a dog’s coat and skin.

Here's the recipe and ingredients required:

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