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Taki Pets Venison

Taki Pets Venison

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Venison is a great protein alternative as a pet food. was once the term for the meat of a game animal, but now it generally refers to the meat of deer and other antlered animals. However, venison can technically be used to describe any edible part of the animal, including the internal organs.

Venison has a robust, earthy flavor, is a leaner meat than beef and other red meats, and has higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids compared to other red meats. It is also high in iron (proper functioning of red blood cells), riboflavin (immune system), niacin (anti-inflammation), vitamin B6 (immune support), and is a novel protein that furkids are less likely to be allergic to.

10 Convenient Packets | 7g per packet| Can Be Rehydrated

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