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Gingerbread Man Cookies [Christmas Special]
Gingerbread Man Cookies [Christmas Special]
Gingerbread Man Cookies [Christmas Special]
Gingerbread Man Cookies [Christmas Special]

Gingerbread Man Cookies [Christmas Special]

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The cutest Christmas cookies are here! Our mini gingerbread man cookies are made with delicious lean meat and manuka honey, a perfect Christmas treat for your furbabiesšŸŽ„

Each comes in 4 convenient bags, packed in a Christmas gift box with handle, perfect for gifting šŸŽ…šŸŽ

Our Promise:
ā¤ļø100% freeze-dried
ā¤ļøAll natural

ā¤ļøFree ofĀ preservative,Ā artificial flavouring and colouring
ā¤ļøHandmade in Singapore
ā¤ļøHuman grade ingredients only

šŸ±šŸ¶Crafted for cats & dogs of all ages

16 pieces

Ingredient: Lean meat of your choice, Manuka honey

Why choose us and freeze-dried treats?
WeĀ strive toĀ provide the bestā¤ļø Freeze-dried treats are known to be healthier, tastier andĀ preserveĀ much more nutrientsĀ thanĀ other types of treatsĀ such as dehydrated treats. The treats are crafted through a processĀ that freezes food,Ā removing 99% of the moisture andĀ locking inĀ almost all nutrients.

With our love for gourmet treats, our club's chef presents to you, your dogsšŸ¶ & catsšŸ± an array of nutritious dessert, meat, seafood & vegan range. Enjoy some chef's kiss treats today!

Storage guide:
Store your treats away from sunlight, in a cool andĀ dryĀ environment. Each treat hasĀ anĀ expiration date indicated on the packet.Ā Once opened, we recommend to consume your treats within 7 days for ultimate freshness.Ā 

Ā Please note that our treats range are only available for Singapore shipment.Ā 

Christmas gift box design used for wrapping will beĀ prepared in random.