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Crocodile Bone Broth | Popeye
Crocodile Bone Broth | Popeye
Crocodile Bone Broth | Popeye
Crocodile Bone Broth | Popeye
Crocodile Bone Broth | Popeye
Crocodile Bone Broth | Popeye

Crocodile Bone Broth | Popeye

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A crunchy collagen-rich treat, crafted with multiple nutritious ingredients and hypoallergenic crocodile bones simmered for over 36 hours.  Infused with beneficial crocodile meat and spinach.

Our Promise:
❤️100% freeze-dried
❤️All natural

❤️Spinach: Rich in iron, anti-oxidant, vitamin A, B, & K
❤️Crocodile meat: a hypoallergenic lean meat rich in vitamin and minerals 
❤️Aids in joint repair & recovery
❤️Helps support immune system
❤️Aids in joint repair & recovery
❤️Boost gut health & detoxification
❤️Rich in probiotics
❤️Free of preservative, artificial flavouring and colouring
❤️Handmade in Singapore
❤️Human grade ingredients only

🐱🐶Crafted for cats & dogs of all ages

20 circles. Every bag comes with 10 mini packets of 2 circles for convenient feeding on-the-go.

Ingredients: Crocodile Bone Broth, Apple Cider Vinegar, Goat Milk, Crocodile Meat, Coconut Oil, Parsley, Black Pepper, Spinach (1% of formula), Agar Agar

Why choose us and freeze-dried treats?
We strive to provide the best❤️ Freeze-dried treats are known to be healthier, tastier and preserve much more nutrients than other types of treats such as dehydrated treats. The treats are crafted through a process that freezes food, removing 99% of the moisture and locking in almost all nutrients.

With our love for gourmet treats, our club's chef presents to you, your dogs🐶 & cats🐱 an array of nutritious dessert, meat, seafood & vegan range. Enjoy some chef's kiss treats today!

To love our earth, we’re using biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Each order will be paw'fessionally packed in a box and mailer bag💖 You can opt for lesser packaging (mailer bag only) at the checkout page too 😊

Storage guide:
Store your treats away from sunlight, in a cool and dry environment. Each treat has an expiration date indicated on the packet.

Please note that our treats range are only available for Singapore shipment.