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Our Story

Meet Kiwi, our CEO who inspired us.

We are on a mission to redefine pet fragrance. As fragrance enthusiasts and dog lovers, we decided to share our knowledge and developed a premium pet fragrance line like no other, inspired by human fragrances. 

We embrace individuality. Every product is personalised with your furkid's name and preferred blep icon. Besides developing in-house fragrances, we have developed a customisable product. Get to customise your Pet Perfume and Conditioning Pet Shampoo based on your preferred scents, your furkid’s needs and your design. As unique as you and your furkids.

Our furkids health is our priority. Our Conditioning Pet Shampoo are made of 100% natural ingredients. Our Pet Perfume and Conditioning Pet Shampoo are crafted only with trusted ingredients sourced from USA.

'Blep' is an expression made by our furkids when they stick their tongue out. This happens when they are in complete relaxation and comfortable mood. We strive to bring blep-worthy products and even better snuggle experiences.

By Dog Lovers & Fragrance Enthusiasts, For Dog Owners